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Digital marketing is rapidly becoming a part of the daily grind for almost every business. Whether you trade locally, nationally or internationally you need to be visible when people search online for products and services you provide.

We created the Digital Marketing Directory to steer you in the right direction when selecting the products and services to use in your Digital Marketing strategy and to gain online supremacy for your business.

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Just $1 Gets You Access to the Resource Lab of Digital Marketer!

Yes, it’s true, no you haven’t read it wrong. Our US partners, Ryan Deiss and his company “Digital Marketer” have a vast resource of Guides, How-To Plans and other material and they’ve agreed to give you 30 days unlimited access to that resource for a token payment of $1.

Here’s just sample of what you will find in the Digital Marketer Lab:


21 Day Funnel Launch Plan

Digital Marketer’s foolproof step-by-step guide to setting up a new sales funnel from scratch and having it up and running in 21 days! Watch the videos, download the checklist and guides. Get your sales funnel up and running the Digital Marketer way!

Ryan Desii Digital Marketer Landing Page Checklist
Landing Page Checklist

Getting your landing page structure right is a major factor in making sales online – here’s the Digital Marketer step-by-step guide to getting it right.

Generate Leads from Social Media

Digital Marketer use social selling to generate constant high volumes of business – here’s the step-by-step guide to how they do it.

The Simple 7-Step Autoresponder Sales Sequence

Now you can use the same email autoresponder sequence that Ryan Deiss and the team at Digital Marketer use to generate high volume sales. Smart US marketers give you great ideas – don’t miss this one!


From our own resource library, enjoy these useful guides for free.


Majestic Take Down Their Free Chrome Extension

After being such an enthusiastic advocate for Majestic's very useful toolbar extension I was disappointed to see that they have taken it down due to...
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Content Marketing With Reddit

Reddit is a content publishing and discovery tool that provides a platform for those who wish to build a reputation for themselves or their website....
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What Do You Know About Pinterest Promoted Pins?

Until recently, I was like a lot of other marketers in that I didn't consider Pinterest to be quite as important as the "Big 3" when it came to...
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Google’s Penguin Gets Real – Realtime That Is

Google have announced that their Penguin algorithm, which penalises websites that make use of low-quality, "spammy" links has now been incorporated...
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Instagram Unveil New “Save Draft” Option

You know how it is - you start something and then something else comes up and you don't have time to finish what you started? Sound familiar? Well,...
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Syndicate Your Content With Onlywire

Onlywire is a content syndication service that enables you to post content automatically to around fifty different social media and other platforms....
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Outbrain – Could This Be Your First Choice of Content Marketing Platforms?

If you read an article on a website you will often see little "teasers" inviting you to read another article on a similar or related subject. Take ,...
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Content Syndication With Syndwire

Syndwire is described as the "ultimate content marketing tool" and is used by many SEO specialists for that purpose. Syndwire is a content...
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Dasheroo – Dashboard Platform Shuts Up Shop

Dashboard provider Dasheroo today announced its decision to not accept any further new business and that existing dashboards would be decommissioned...
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Majestic Chrome Plugin Reinstated

Majestic suspended access to their free Chrome plugin back in October because, as they said at the time, their API was being thrashed by automated...
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LinkedIn Sponsored InMail Now Available To All Advertisers

Imagine that you could wait until someone, who you know will be interested in your product or service, becomes active on LinkedIn and then send them...
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