Here is a list of everything that we cover on this site. You can find a rich range of resources on the topic simply by clicking on the grey buttons below.

Apps and Chrome Extensions  – this is a list of apps that can run in your browser to make life just that little bit simpler!

Audio and Video Tools  – tools to help you create and manage audio and video content for your website.

Backlink Management – these tools help you avoid penalties from Google by helping you know and manage who has linked to your website.

Call Tracking – these tools allow you to identify the source of telephone calls – was it from your website or an email or some other source? This is essential information if you are running a telephone based sales team.

Competitive Analysis  this is the essence of online success. You can be doing everything right, but if your online competitors are doing it better than you, then you’ll not have the online visibility you deserve. It pays (literally) to keep an eye on what your competitors are up to.

Content Marketing – great content is yet another factor that Google takes into account when deciding where to rank your website. As a result it’s very important to ensure your site is content-rich with lots of entertaining and valuable content for your visitors.

CRM (Client Relationship Management)  as the name suggests these tools are designed to help you keep track of your customers or clients. They are rapidly becoming essential to most digital marketing strategies are there is simply no easy way to manually keep track of your customer activities such as email marketing and online purchasing activities.

Email Marketing – despite having been around a long time, this remains one of the best ways to generate leads and nurture prospects and customers. ‘Spamming’ is now largely under control and as a result email marketing continues to go from strength to strength becoming an essential tool in any digital marketers toolkit.

Form Builders and Quizzes – forms are essential for collecting key information about leads, prospects and customers. Some of these types of tools also include functionality for building surveys and quizzes – both great ways for engaging website visitors.

Graphics Tools – as we all know, good graphics can make all the difference to a website by making the content engaging and enjoyable to look at. Here are some tools that will help you achieve great looking graphics.

Image Libraries – where to go to find affordable and royalty free images for your website.

Keyword rank tracking is essential for assessing how well your site is doing in search engine listings i.e. how visible your site is to people looking for the products and services you offer. With this information you can do effective ‘search engine optimisation ‘ (SEO) to stay ahead of your competitors.

Keyword Research –  you need to know the right keywords to promote your business online. This means discovering the actual words and phrases that people use when they are looking for your type of products and services online. Many great sites have failed to attract people because they don’t contain the right keywords. Don’t let yours be one of them!

Lead generation is the method by which you attract and acquire new customers or clients for your products and services. The tools and techniques for doing this online are evolving rapidly so you need to keep informed to stay ahead of competitors.

Live Chat – these tools are designed to improve customer service and reduce customer churn on your site. They are valuable for engaging with potential customers and answering their questions quickly before they change their mind and leave your website.

Local Search Marketing and SEO comprise the tasks you need to do as a local business to make sure you are visible online. This includes getting listings on Google maps and being listed in local directories amongst other things.

Marketing Automation – these tools are essential building effective ‘sales funnels’. If you don’t know what one of these it, now is the time to find out! By using a sales funnel builder to automate your email marketing and other inbound marketing activities, you can greatly increase your conversion rates and profitability.

Pay-per-click advertising is the quickest way to get people to visit your website and is also known as ‘paid search marketing’. It is usually an essential part of any organisation’s digital marketing strategy, particularly if they are launching new products and services, or are not getting enough site visitors.

Reputation Management – this is the process of managing the online reputation of your brand, organisation, company or individual. It usually becomes an urgent necessity when damage has been done due to someone deciding to deride you online for whatever reason. It is really important to move quickly when something occurs.

Retargeting – this is an essential process for ‘capturing the ones that got away’. Typically these are potential customers who were just at the point of purchase but for some reason abandoned your shopping cart right at the last moment. This allows you to ‘follow’ them onto subsequent websites and show your ads – to remind them to come back to you.

Search Engine Optimisation – this is the process of ensuring your website gets a prominent place in search engine research results – the aim it to be on page 1 and preferably at the top. This requires a wide range of activities which makes it a complex task.

Social Media Marketing  – a strong social media profile is a powerful ranking signal for Google who use it to assess how high your website should rank in search engine result page listings. It is also a very effective way of generating leads in its own right, with Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin (amongst others) also offering advertising services.

URL Shorteners –  as the name suggests, these tools ‘shorten’ long URL (page names) to ensure your links fit neatly into adverts and other places where space is short (e.g. Tweets).

Website Analytics  – use these tools to find out who is visiting your website, how often, where they come from and which of your pages are most appreciated amongst other things. This information informs how you need to change and adapt your website to keep it popular.

Website Auditing Tools  – as your website grows and develops over time, it’s important to ensure that everything keeps working as intended e.g. page links, untagged images and duplicate pages, to name just a few. These issues can severely affect your search engine rankings if allowed to go out of control.