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Website Analytics Tools – Beyond Google Analytics

Let’s start by saying that Google Analytics is a great, completely free, website analytics tool. Praise be to Google for giving it to us.

Let’s continue by saying that, as good as it is, it may not be enough!

So, first of all let’s see what it is good at:

  • Tracking how many visitors your website gets
  • Identifying where those visitors come from, i.e. as a result of following a link on another website or in an email
  • Providing a geographical breakdown of your audience, where are your pages most appreciated?
  • Highlighting which keywords bring visitors to your website, and which don’t
  • Pinpointing which pages get the most visits and which ones your visitors spend the most time on
  • Providing a breakdown of the types of device used by your visitors, e.g. mobile, desktop, tablets

All of the above is good, but there are problems.

Firstly, Google actually only shows you a part of your data – much of it is removed under the spurious pretext of protecting users privacy. Secondly, and this is the big one for me as an Internet Marketer, you can only see your own data, not that of your competitors and, to be honest, knowing your own numbers is largely pointless if you do not know how those numbers compare with those of your competitors.

So, lets say you get 10,000 visitors a month, Great! But why aren’t you getting as much business as you might expect? The answer, (possibly), is that your competitors are getting 150,000 visits per month, or more, so your 10,000, whilst it may sound like a lot, is small by comparison to the average for your competitive landscape.

What then can the business owner, or website proprietor, do to overcome these problems? The suppression of your own data by Google is difficult to combat because they are too big to be persuaded by arguments of fairness or entitlement – they employ an army of lawyers to protect their interests and you would simply be banging your head against a very painful wall.

The data, your data, will stay suppressed until they decide otherwise and, since it is in their interests to keep control over what you can and cannot see, it is unlikely to change anytime soon.

There are, however, alternatives to Google Analytics that fill in some of the gaps outlined above, including their own Analytics 360, previously known as Premium but the cost of that solution will place it out of reach of all but the largest or wealthiest of companies.

Below you will see some of the alternatives that we have reviewed or assessed and, as ever, there are more to come. The most important thing is to be realistic about what you need analytics for and to accept that in order to get what you want you may need to invest both time and money.


Tips and tricks to improve your Web Analytics.

Web Analytics

Clicky – Realtime Analytics

Clicky is an alternative to Google’s Analytics which offers sevel levels of analysis that Google’s free package does not provide, we have a full clicky review coming soon but here are the edited highlights. Google...

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Tableau – Marketing Data Analysis

Tableau is a software product that provides top end analytics and reporting on data from a number of sources both in-house and in the public domain. It is available as both an in-house or self-hosted package or as an online...

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Leadfeeder – See Who Is Visiting Your Website

Leadfeeder is an extension to your Google Analytics that not only tells you how many visitors your site has had – it also tell you where they work, how long they stayed and which pages they visited. In that respect,...

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Kissmetrics – Website Performance Analytics

Kissmetrics describes itself as “The Customer Engagement Automation Platform” and that may be true but, in my opinion, it does little to explain what their product is really all about. So, it would be reasonable to ask, what is...

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Quantcast Web Analytics and Audience Profiling

Quantcast is used by many of the world’s leading publishers on millions of websites and other digital destinations, such as mobile apps, to gather and analyse cross-platform audience data. Once gathered, and analysed, that data...

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adAlysis PPC Campaign Analysis

AdAlysis is an AdWords analysis package that goes beyond the facilities included in the AdWords interface and lets you really streamline your ppc campaigns. AdAlysis also works with Bing ads. Anyone who has spent many hours...

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Segment – Data Integration For Marketers

Segment is a single platform that collects, stores, and routes your user data to hundreds of tools with the flick of a switch. Segment collects your data from a number of sources that you specify including your website,...

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Piwik Web Analytics

Piwik Analytics is a web analytics platform that would be equally at home in a busy marketing agency or in the hands of an enthusiastic blogger. Piwik is available as a downloadable, free, version to run on your own webserver or...

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Screaming Frog – SEO Spider & Site Audit Tool

Screaming Frog is best known for its SEO Spider tool which is a is a website crawler that allows you to crawl websites and find SEO problems to be fixed. What many people do not realise is that Screaming Frog is actually...

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Alexa – Web Analytics With The Power Of Amazon

Alexa has been around for a while and is well-known for its web traffic and analytics platform that enables digital marketers to find useful data about their own site, or their competitors site and how they are performing. When...

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Hotjar – Website User Analytics & Heat Maps

Hotjar is designed to let you analyse in great depth the behaviour of your website visitors. Which pages do they visit, what do they do on those pages and where do they usually “drop off” and leave the site? This...

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Kompyte – Competitor Analysis

Kompyte is a set of online tools designed, primarily, to help you to analyse your competitors marketing activities. We are planning a full Kompyte review in the near future but as they offer a free trial it is worth you taking a...

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SumoMe – Tools to Grow Your Website Traffic

SumoMe is a comprehensive suite of tools to use on your website in order to improve conversions and increase subscriptions to your mailing lists. Trying to put SumoMe into a category has proved to be difficult. It is a useful...

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Compete – Advanced Web Analytics

Compete is well respected and highly thought of by many professional digital marketers that I know but, if it wasn’t for that knowledge I wouldn’t give it a second look – and that’s a shame. Anyone who...

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