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Digital marketing is time consuming and requires a lot of data, often from  many different sources. It takes time to log in and use several different applications and, once those apps are open, you are sometimes reluctant to close them again because that means that the next time you need them you have to do it all over.

Result - we leave many tabs open on our screens and it all gets very messy.

Happily, there are many apps that can be loaded into your browser, and we focus on Chrome here, that can help avoid or minimise the effort in managing all of that. App overload and information overload can be managed and made much easier and quicker - here are some of our suggestions.


Tips and tricks to help you to improve your marketing with apps and Chrome extensions

Apps and Chrome Extensions

Google Similar Pages Chrome Extension

Google released their “Google Similar Pages” Chrome extension way back in 2010 but it hasn’t really been widely adopted in my experience despite it being free of charge. I decided to take another look at Google...

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Shareaholic For Chrome Browser Extension

Shareaholic is a suite of content syndication and social media sharing tools that has proved to be both popular and useful by digital marketers across many different markets. Now, the publishers of Shareaholic have released...

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SEOquake – SEO Metrics at a Glance

SEOquake is a useful, and completely free, plugin for your web browser that will give you a wealth of SEO research data with a single click. Currently available for browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera,...

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OneTab – Declutter Your Browser

OneTab is a free-of-charge tool to help declutter your browser and free up memory that is being used unnecessarily. We all do it don’t we? Open up a tab to do this or that, move on to the next thing, leave the previous tab...

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