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Email Marketing Tools - This is where good marketing starts

Experienced digital marketers all have their favourite ways to market a business. Some need lots of investment in terms of time and money, others require great skill which tends to come at a price, but one thing that most marketers agree on is that email marketing, when done properly, is a very effective way to nurture prospects & customers and maximise their potential.

Notice that I qualified the above statement by adding "when done properly." A badly run email marketing campaign will just annoy people and possibly alienate them from your business forever. This is one activity that you have to get right, but if you do the rewards are substantial.

Thankfully, there are plenty of tools and services available to help you to achieve your objectives with Email Marketing, here they are.

Email Marketing and Automation

Kissmetrics – Website Performance Analytics

Kissmetrics describes itself as “The Customer Engagement Automation Platform” and that may be true but, in my opinion, it does little to explain what their product is really all about. So, it would be reasonable to ask, what is...

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ConvertKit – Email Marketing For Bloggers

ConvertKit is an email marketing platform that has built its reputation as being the go-to email provider for professional bloggers. One of the claims made by ConvertKit on their website is that their product has “The...

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Kahuna Marketing Automation Platform

Kahuna targets medium and larger corporate organisations with sophisticated cross-channel marketing automation facilitating 1to1 personalisation across marketing channels including email, web, mobile devices, Facebook...

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Sendloop Email & Digital Marketing Platform

Now the concept of automated marketing funnels is widely accepted as an important marketing tool for businesses, the need for affordable software to run such a funnel has become more widespread – Sendloop could be a fit...

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Autopilot – Marketing Automation & Funnels

Autopilot is an Australian company offering a comprehensive marketing automation tools platform at an affordable price. Autopilot’s very attractive and easy-to-use visual customer journey (funnel) builder Competition is...

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Drip – Email Marketing by LeadPages

Bringing marketing automation to the masses – that’s one of the stated aims of Drip and with their impeccable pedigree as an off-shoot of LeadPages, I believe they are equipped to make that happen. If email marketing...

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EMMA – Sophisticated Email Marketing Tool

Emma is a USA based email marketing platform with some nice, up-to-date features that give email marketing an air of sophistication without making the process too complex. If you were thinking of launching a new Saas, (software...

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Pardot – Marketing Automation By Salesforce

Pardot is a marketing automation platform from Salesforce that works in conjunction with their market-leading Salesforce CRM. I’ve been reviewing quite a few marketing automation platforms recently and, as a Salesforce...

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FunnelMaker – Marketing Automation & CRM

FunnelMaker is a name that, you might be forgiven for thinking, describes a platform that offers a complete marketing funnel automation system. It does not. FunnelMaker is a very good, very comprehensive, CRM with limited email...

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GetResponse – Email Marketing

GetResponse is an email marketing and automation system which is available on a monthly subscription basis. If email marketing figures somewhere in your digital marketing strategy – and it probably should – then you...

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ClickFunnels – All-In-One Sales Funnel Builder

ClickFunnels is a relative newcomer to the marketing automation and funnel-building space but they have certainly made a name for themselves in that short space of time. If you think that your Digital Marketing Strategy should...

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SendGrid – Email Services

There are, according to SendGrid, two main types of email; there are Transactional Emails, i.e. those which are triggered by a process such as making a purchase or paying a bill, and there are “Marketing Emails”...

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SumoMe – Tools to Grow Your Website Traffic

SumoMe is a comprehensive suite of tools to use on your website in order to improve conversions and increase subscriptions to your mailing lists. Trying to put SumoMe into a category has proved to be difficult. It is a useful...

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Campaign Monitor – Email Marketing Tools

Campaign Monitor is an Email service platform that gives the marketer everything he or she needs to run great-looking, professional and effective email marketing campaigns to grow their business. Although it lacks some of the...

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ActiveCampaign – Email Marketing & Automation

As the demand for sales and marketing funnels and automation grows, there are more and more solutions like ActiveCampaign appearing on the market. Some of those solutions are affordable only by the largest of organisations...

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Boomerang For GMail

Boomerang is an extension to GMail that provides a host of additional features that are not included in the standard GMail interface. You may be surprised, as I was, to learn of some of the missing functionality in...

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Infusionsoft – Email Marketing Automation

Read our Infusionsoft Review here. Infusionsoft is one of the best established and well-known marketing automation systems available. With Infusionsoft you can design entire campaigns and incorporate many levels of email and...

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Mail Chimp – Email Marketing Made Easy

There are many email systems on the market but none so well known perhaps as MailChimp. It’s a nice catchy name and a nice catchy product which is, without doubt, the market leader at its price point. The price can, in...

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