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Every website needs some graphics content. It would be a boring site that had none at all and visitors would be few and far between. The problem for many webmasters is finding images that you can legitimately use without the need to take them yourself.

The solution, not in every case but very often, is to use an image library. There are plenty of them, some are quite famous such as Getty Images and Shutterstock but these tend to have a high price tag attached to their images. We certainly think that you should consider these sources - often you will find images there that you just cant get anywhere else - but most of us need a more modest source and there are plenty of those listed here.

Many image libraries also offer video content as well which is good because that is becoming more and more important, especially on social media pages.

Here's our current list of Image libraries and other image sources.


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Image Libraries

Pexels – Free Photos, Free Images

Pexels is a free-to-use stock photo and image platform with a good choice of high quality images operating under the Creative Commons Licence. The images on the Pexels site are offered in well thought out categories and can be...

Read More Stock Image Library is a free image library with a good choice of high quality free images that you can use copyright free under a creative commons license. Here’s another free to use image collection that many webmasters and others...

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Skitterphoto – Free Images For Any Purpose

Skitterphoto is a free to use image library with a great selection of royalty free images, even for commercial use. High quality images for free from Skitterphoto The Skitterphoto website was launched in 2014 by a pair of...

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Pixabay – Free Image Library

One of the best known sources for free images – Pixabay – is a real asset to web masters and other creatives in that its contents are released under Creative Commons CC0. This means that it is completely safe to use...

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Flickr – Free images for your website

Flickr is a very popular site for finding royalty-free images and boasts of having over 13 billion photos in its library and a community of over 120 million users. That’s a lot of photographs, and a lot of people! Well I,...

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