WooRank – SEO Tools & Reporting Platform

WooRank – SEO Tools & Reporting Platform

WooRank – SEO Tools & Reporting Platform

What is WooRank and what can it do for you?

WooRank describes itself as “a super fast, super easy-to-use SEO audit and digital marketing tool” – and it is. Trouble is, it’s one of many such tools and, as such, the decision as to which one to use is, for many marketers, a hard one to make.

Why? Well, in my opinion there are just too many of these tools out there and, at the end of the day, there is little to choose between them. Many of them offer the same, or very similar, facilities and very few have anything which makes them truly unique. Some SEO tools are free of charge, or minimal cost, whereas others, like WooRank, are not.

WooRank provides all the usual suspects when it comes to functionality – keyword research, rank tracking, SEO site audit etc etc and it does have a few nice touches which could set it apart from the crowd for some users. I particularly like their WooRank Index, see example below, which analyses which features of a website contribute most to its success and visibility – there’s a few surprises there such as the way it highlights just how relatively unimportant it is to have Social Media pages, (no I don’t mean that you shouldn’t have them, just that they are probably not as important as you might think they are when trying to rank your website in the search results). 

WooRank Review Index

WooRank isn’t cheap, it starts at £59 per month and has some fairly low limits at that price. They do offer 14 days free trial but they want your card details before you can have it so be sure to cancel before the 14 days are up or you will incur a charge.

What you should definitely do, however, is get their free Chrome extension – that will give you some great analysis of the websites you are researching at no charge – bargain.

WooRank is a competent package so far as it goes but others such as WooRank, Raven Tools and others deliver more for the same, or similar, money – see our SEO Resources Page.



Where To Find It

Product Type
Keyword Rank Tracker & other SEO Tools
Paid, Various Options
Free Trial Available
Yes – 14 days
From £59/month.

Amazon Keyword Research With Helium 10

Amazon Keyword Research With Helium 10

Helium 10 is an Amazon keyword research tool for those who wish to be more effective with their Amazon sales efforts.

Over the years I have dabbled with selling on Amazon with mixed results – to be honest, nothing to write home about, average at best is how I would describe my efforts. There are all sorts of reasons for that, including my own ineptitude in the early years of my digital marketing career, you know, the time when you are mainly learning rather than doing.

If I stop beating myself up however there is one thing that made selling on Amazon much more difficult than it needed to be and that was the lack of any really good research tools specifically for Amazon sellers. I’m pleased to say that is no longer the case and one such tool stands out as being an excellent choice for Amazon marketers – Helium 10.

In fact, Helium 10 is a full Software Suite which contains over a dozen tools to help Amazon sellers locate high ranking keywords and to identify market trends as well as spy on their competitors and fully optimise their product listings on Amazon. With all of those factors handled efficiently there’s no reason why anyone wishing to sell on Amazon should not improve their Amazon sales exponentially.

Several standard keyword research tools now offer limited Amazon keyword research tools and facilities but none of them are anywhere near as sophisticated as this one.

I can make no better recommendation to you than that you go to the Helium 10 website and watch their introductory video – it covers all of the main features clearly and with plenty of useful examples. Helium 10 is a treasure trove of tools that any Amazon marketer would find invaluable in their quest to dominate what is probably the largest online market in the world – well worth the effort in my humble opinion.

Helium 10 Amazon keyword research tool is available as a monthly subscription, starting at $97/month for just 25 uses per month – careful use is called for here because the next level will cost you $197, serious money but well worth it if you are serious about selling on Amazon. There is talk of a free trial so check that out first.

I no longer sell on Amazon so I have no first hand experience of using Helium 10 or any other Amazon keyword research product, but I know several full-time sellers who use it daily with great results. It’s an investment but probably easy to justify if selling on Amazon is important to your business.

Lsigraph – LSI Keywords Generator

Lsigraph – LSI Keywords Generator

Lsigraph is a free to use web platform that provides a very useful tool for finding and using LSI Keywords.

The LSI in LSI Keywords stands for Latent Semantic Indexing. LSI Keywords are keywords which are semantically linked or related to a keyword that you would search for on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. An LSI keyword is therefore semantically linked to your main keyword, or “seed” keyword.

Lsigraph LSI Keyword Generator

Google has confirmed, (sort of), that if you increase your usage of LSI keywords on your webpages, those pages will normally be able to rank better in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). I have to admit, it’s a bit of a learning curve and many will not even attempt it but you really should – it is not as difficult as it might seem at first and the rewards could be substantial.

If that sounds a bit like using so called “longtail” keywords then you’re halfway there. Many LSI keywords wil be longtail versions of a seed word – but many won’t.

The difference is that an LSI keyword isn’t just an alternative format for another keyword, it does something much more useful, something search engines like Google need to get right if they are to really be able to deliver the sort of search results that we all want – accurate and relevant ones.

So what is it that LSI keywords hve that ordinary keywords might not have? In short, they demonstrate intent and reflect patterns of use that are not normally obvious. By understanding LSI keywords a search engine can begin to understand the real, deep down interest of the person carrying out the search and tailor the results much more accurately.

So how can you find, and learn how to use LSI keywords? Isn’t it simply a matter of stuffing lots of LSI keywords into your article or blog? The answer to that is no. A Big No!

Fortunately, there is one place on the web where you can go to get the LSI keywords you need and learn how to use them. – for free. The name of the product is Lsigraph and the best bit about it is that it is free – and it really works!

Lsigraph have devised a free to use tool that lets you enter a seed word and then get a list of all the LSI keywords it can find. I realise that this might fall outside the scope of many people but it is worth a little effort getting to understand this technology because Google is certainly taking it seriously and so should you.

Take a look at Lsigraph. It’s a fun interface and, if nothing else, you may improve your knowledge of just how search engines really work. See alternative keyword research tools here.


Where To Find It
Product Type
Keyword Research Tool, Finds LSI Keywords
Free Trial Available

SERPWoo – Advanced Rank Tracking & SEO

SERPWoo – Advanced Rank Tracking & SEO

SERPWoo is an in-depth rank tracking tool.

Now I know that many people agree with me in thinking there are too many keyword rank tracking tools out there, many of which are simply lookalikes of each other.

Occasionally a new one comes along and raises my eyebrow because its a little bit different – SERPWoo is one such example, read this SERPWoo review and see if you agree.

What does SERPwoo do?

Well, first and foremost it’s a Keyword Rank Tracking platform that lets you track your chosen keywords. Normally, these trackers check how your domain is doing for however many keywords you specify and show you how your ranking changes over time. That’s useful and can be invaluable when doing SEO and PPC campaign work.

Most rank trackers can track a single domain over the top 100 results in Google. These keyword rank trackers claim to help you optimize your SEO, but in order to do that properly you not only need to see your own campaigns but also what your competitors and others are doing and to be able to understand how the best performers are getting the results they are getting.

SERPW00 comes with in-depth rank tracking and tracks all of the results for any given keyword so it’s easy to see how you are performing compared to your competitors.

SERPWoo Keyword Rank Tracking

If it’s detail you want – SERPWoo has got it – maybe a little too much of it in the case of the above chart. What you are actually seeing here is the historical performance for the top 20 domains for the keyword “Natalie Dormer” and your eyes are automatically drawn to the messy line chart in the middle but try to forgive that and take a look at the useful statistics at the bottom including Domain Data, (Age etc) as well as  Majestic backlink data, MOZ data and social media statistics. All very useful stuff and way beyond the scope of most rank trankers.

Other SERPWoo Features

Whilst it’s true that keyword rank tracking is the most important feature within SERPWoo, there is another very useful addition which is becoming more and more of an issue for many online businesses – online reputation management. Now that it is so easy to vent your spleen about a business, or person, that you either don’t like or have a disagrement with, it is evn more important to be able to monitor and respond to adverse comments on social Media and review sites – SERPWoo includes features to let you do this.

Keyword Research with SERPWoo

You’d be dissapointed if I told you that SERPWoo didn’t have a keyword research tool so i’m happy to say that it does. It’s quite in-depth and useful but no more so than many others out there. If you needed SERPwoo for its main attraction – rank tracking – and decided that you could handle the not incosiderable cost – then SERPWoo is probably capable enough of handling all your ranking and research tasks with reputation management being a welcome extra.

What does SERPWoo Cost?

So what does it cost? Well there is a totally free account on offer but that only gives you up to 3 keywords to track so it’s useless for real time useage but great for testing and assessing whether SERPWoo is the right choice for you. Once you need to grow out of the free account then your starting point is the “Bronze” account which gives yo up to 750 keywords to track and comes in at $49 per month. Bronze does not let you track mobiles so that renders it useless for most site owners and small agencies. The first plan to give you everything, and up to 2000 keywords to track, is the Silver @ $99.95 per month.

Also worthy of consideration – SEMRush and SERPstat




SEO, Rank Tracking & other tools

Where To Find It



Free & Paid Options

Free Trial Available?

Yes plus a totally free account with low limits is available


Plans start at $49.95/month (Bronze).

SERPs – Keyword Rank Tracking & Other SEO Tools

SERPs – Keyword Rank Tracking & Other SEO Tools

SERPs, (serps.com)  is a USA company offering a range of paid for, and some completely free, tools for keyword rank tracking and keyword research.

I realise of course that you are probably aware that there are a great many such tools out there, some free, some not and varying a great deal in terms of quality and cost. So how do you find the best one for you, for your projects, your campaigns and is SERPs or SERPs.com the one for you?

Would you use the same tools for a ppc campaign that you use for a content marketing campaign, or an SEO ranking project?  Probably, yes, but not always.

One thing is for sure however, no matter what your digital marketing strategy is, you will almost certainly need to carry out keyword research at some point.

Inevitably, when comparing keyword research tools, it is necessary to take into account Google’s free of charge Keyword Planner. It is probably the most widely used keyword research tool out there and forms the basis for many other such tools because it is actually the source of the raw data that they use. So, if you decided to go for one of the market leaders, such as Market Samurai, you would find that their raw data actually comes from Google Keyword Planner.

This is also the case for the subject of this mini SERPs.com review.

However, like Market Samurai and many others, SERPs does bring something to the party. In particular, I like their free Keyword Rank Checker Tool, https://serps.com/tools/rank-checker/, which lets you check a keyword or phrase and see the top 250 websites that rank on Google for that phrase. You cn do this by geographical area as well, which is very useful for local seo.

SERPs.com Free Keyword Rank Tracker

Check keywords for free with the free SERPs keyword Rank Checker

The above search would give me up to 250 listings for websites that met the crieria entered into the SERPs.com free Keyword Rank Checker tool:

SERPs.com free keyword rank checker

Using this list to identify which of my competitors in the geographical location entered, Cambridge, England in this case, I can see which of my competitors are getting the top positions and then do some further rearch to find out why.

The free rank tracking tool only lets you check one keyword at a time and you would need a paid subscription to check multiple keywords, all fair enough I suppose.

SERPs.com Free Keyword Tools

The current range of free tools from SERPs.com

So far, so good. The free tools are excellent, if a little limited, and the Geographical Location search option is particularly useful to anyone doing local seo.

But what if you need to upgrade to a paid service? Well, that’s when you have to do some serious thinking. $49/month is the entry level price with the ability to track just 300 keywords, the next level, “Agency” plan increases that to 1,000 keywords and, if that’s not enough which it won’t be for most agencies of any size, additional keywords may be tracked at a rate of $100 per 1000 words. This tool could start to get expensive.

There’s a free trial of the full range of SERPs tools which I certainly suggest you take advantage of but when making your mind up about a paid subscription there are many more tools to try, some offering considerably better value for money.


Where To Find It
Product Type
Keyword Rank Tracker
Paid, Various Options plus some free tools
Free Trial Available
Yes – 30 days
$49/month entry level