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Live Chat systems and services are designed to improve customer service and reduce visitor churn.

Only a handful of visitors to a website make a purchase or other type of commitment.

We all know that and, although conversion rates can usually be improved by streamlining the customer "journey" and making it more enjoyable or fulfilling, ultimately the numbers will prevail and some visitors will be lost.

So what can you do to improve the situation?

Well, many websites believe, and so do I, that a "Live Chat" facility can often significantly improve engagement and reduce the bounce rate of a webpage. No, it doesn't work for everyone - one drawback is that you need to have someone standing by to deal with the messages - live chat only works if it is, well, "live". You can, of course, outsource that task but you need to be sure that your outsourcers are representing your business in an effective way or Live Chat cold become a disadvantage rather than a benefit. If you have a complex product then finding the right outsourcers could be a problem.

There are many live chat providers out there where you can have the full service with someone manning the system for you and answering chats. Others just provide the facility to offer and run the chat service with you providing the people to actually do it.

We've listed a selection of both, we are sure you'll find one to meet your needs.


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Live Chat

Olark – Live Chat For Your Website

Olark is a live chat system that you can easily install on your website and provide live chat facilities for your visitors. Olark is a powerful Live Chat system that is easy to install and easy to set up. Olark provide a very...

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