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Rank Tracking Tools -  Essential for Effective SEO

Rank Tracking Tools are important for keeping track of where your website shows in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), which is a vital part of the SEO, (Search Engine Optimisation), process and is essential when trying to analyse your website's visibility compared to that of your competitors.

You probably know whether you are, or are not, on the first page of Google, or Bing, or Yahoo. Most website owners do. What you may not know is that, although you may not be in one of those coveted first page spots, yet, you may be steadily climbing the ranks and, sometime soon, you could make a page one appearance!

Then again, you may be travelling in the opposite direction, plummeting down towards those pages where hardly anyone ever goes, page 2 and beyond!

So, other than physically searching for every possible keyword or phrase yourself and seeing where you are, what can you do to find out? The answer is to use a Rank Tracking Tool, but which one is best for you, and where can you find them?

There are many Rank Tracking Tools out there, some good, some not so good, some free and others requiring payment.

Most have a free trial offer and I will point those out as we go along. Here's the Digital Marketing Directory roundup of what's available.


Tips and tricks to help you to improve your Rank Tracking.





Rank Tracking Tools

Local Rank Tracking with Brightlocal

Local rank tracking and local SEO in general is a large part of what I do for a living and I was going to write this product introduction in a way that would imply that I had just discovered BrightLocal and had been blown away...

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SERPWoo – Advanced Rank Tracking & SEO Tools

SERPWoo is a rank tracking tool. Now I know that many people agree with me in thinking there are too many keyword rank tracking tools out there, many of which are simply lookalikes of each other. Occasionally a new one comes...

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SERPs – Keyword Rank Tracking & Other SEO Tools

SERPs, (  is a USA company offering a range of paid for, and some completely free, tools for keyword rank tracking and keyword research. I realise of course that you are probably aware that there are a great many such...

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SE Ranking – Affordable SEO Tools Platform

SE Ranking is a full-featured SEO tools platform that is offered at several user levels, and at very reasonable monthly rates. A combination which will make it accessible and affordable for even the smallest SEO operator or...

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SerpBook – Keyword Ranking Tool

SerpBook is a full-featured keyword ranking tool that covers rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing. All country variations are supported for Google but it is not clear whether this is the case for Yahoo and Bing as well. YouTube...

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SEO Rank Monitor

SEO Rank Monitor is a comprehensive suite of keyword rank monitoring tools and other useful SEO tools that are offered on a monthly subscription basis. Here we have another serious contender for your shortlist of possible rank...

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SERPed – All In One SEO Tools Platform

SERPed is one of the most comprehensive SEO & digital Marketing platforms out there with over 40 tools to help with SEO, Backlink Management, Keyword Research and a lot more. As you can see from the screenshot above, the...

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Inspyder – SEO Tools

Canadian software company Inspyder sell their suite of SEO tools in bundles for a one-off payment – no monthly fees to worry about. For many, this will be the ideal solution as you can choose the modules you need to help...

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Rankwatch – Rank Tracking

Rankwatch rank tracking tool is produced by Rankwatch, an SEO tool provider along the lines of Raven, SEMrush, MOZ and many others. The Rankwatch platform is a comprehensive one which includes, as well as keyword rank...

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MOZ Pro – SEO & Rank Tracking Tools

Great rank tracking tools are just one of the features offered by MOZ Pro which is one of the most popular and powerful SEO suites out there. When searching for rank tracking tools you are certain to come across a number of...

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Keyword Rank Tracking with Spyfu

Rank Tracking with Spyfu Spyfu is a very comprehensive set of SEO and PPC tools that many digital marketers find invaluable in their day-to-day work. Spyfu certainly isn’t primarily a keyword rank tracking tool but the...

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