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Retargeting – Catching The Ones That Get Away!

Anyone with an e-commerce website will have experienced “cart abandonment”, i.e. people who go through the process of viewing products on your website adding them to their cart and then, right at the last moment, deciding not to complete the purchase.

Remarketing, (Google’s name for it), and retargeting, (the name everyone else uses), is designed to reduce the impact of this behaviour by following people who leave your site onto the other websites they go to and showing them another ad in order to encourage them to return to your site and hopefully finish what they had started.

Many marketers will quote research by a marketing expert, Dr Jeffrey Lant, who is credited with devising the theory that people need, on average, 7 points of contact with a product, (these are often called “touches”), before a sale or conversion is made. Obviously this will vary a lot and Lant’s theory was put together long before the world of online marketing became as complex as it is now but the underlying principle still applies – “people usually need more than one touch with a product or service before committing to buy it.”

Remarketing or retargeting enables you as an advertiser, to present your prospect with “reminder” ads as they move across the web, from site to site. If you do this then when they are ready to make that purchase you will be ready for them, uppermost in their mind and with a convenient ad to click and do the deed.

There is, however, a lot more to retargeting than that. You are able to build lists, (known as “audiences”), of people with an interest in a particular product or service and then carefully target them with very specific ads designed to nurture them as they travel through the “sales cycle” and eventually get their business.

In addition to Google’s own remarketing system there are a number of others that can help you to reach potential customers on other sites that Google does not target – most notably Social Media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Here’s our updated guide to your retargeting options.


Tips and tricks to help you to improve your Retargeting efforts.

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