Perfect Audience – Retargeting Platform by Marin Software

Marin Software are justifiably well known as a provider of PPC  bid management software, mainly to marketing agencies. Their scope, and product range, is now much wider than that and Perfect Audience is their answer to the need for an effective ad retargeting platform.

Perfect Audience by Marin Bid Management and retargeting software

Perfect Audience Claim To Be “One Solution to all your Retargeting Needs”

Most marketers believe that, most of the time, people do not make a purchase on their first point of exposure to a product or service. Usually they will look around, compare specifications and prices and maybe look at some customer reviews before they hit the buy button. Trouble is, when they do make their minds up – they might not be on your website, they will probably be on your competitor’s site, so you lose the sale.

Retargeting, or remarketing as Google calls it, can reduce the impact of this behaviour. If someone visits your site but does not convert then a cookie or “smartpixel” is added to their browser and they are added to your “audience”. When they visit another website that carries ads your ad will be shown to them again – it could be a reminder or “next step” ad to persuade them to come back and complete the sale.

Marin are past masters of anything to do with paid ads and how to make them more efficient so i have no hesitation in recommending that you take a good look at retargeting with Marin’s platform Perfect audience. They offer a free trial which removes most of the risk and their charging structure is very fair and friendly, even to the smaller business.

Cost, however, although important, is only part of the equation with retargeting campaigns. Even if you ignore the Analytics for “normal” ppc campaigns you simply cannot do so for retargeting campaigns. There are so many variables that being on top of the numbers is vital. Fortunately, Perfect Audience, with its pedigree of coming from a company like Marin who are pretty good at winning “numbers games,” caters for this need very well. There are excellent analytics and reporting options built into the Perfect Audience platform making true campaign control a snip.

With remarketing options for most of the popular sites, the places where your visitors are likely to go after leaving your site, including Facebook and Twitter, Perfect Audience is well placed to make sure that you maximise on your conversions.

Marin Twitter retargeting

Perfect Audience is a grown-up product from a well established supplier of some note in the fields of PPC and PPM, (price per thousand impressions), advertising so if those activities form a part of your digital marketing strategy then be sure to take the free trial option and give Perfect Audience a try.

Perfect Audience

Where To Find It
Product Type
Retargeting Platform
Paid, Various Options
Free Trial Available
Yes – 14 days, full featured
Depends on your ppc budget

AdRoll – Retargeting Platform

AdRoll is a widely used and well-established retargeting / remarketing platform that is available at a very reasonable cost.

Retargeting, or remarketing as Google calls it, is an activity that should be including in almost every digital marketing strategy. Adroll is well-established as a PPC ad retargeting platform that enables advertisers to show their ads to carefully selected audiences across a variety of websites including Facebook and Twitter.

To leave it at that, however, would be to do AdRoll a huge injustice – they are so much more than just a way of retargeting audiences as they travel around the web, although that is undoubtedly their primary function and they are very good at it.

Here’s a snapshot from the AdRoll website which will give you an idea as to the extent of their proposal:
Adroll retargeting

I’ve used AdRoll to retarget people who have visited my client’s websites as they move around the Internet to other websites. Since many people will include a visit to Facebook in their browsing activity AdRoll’s ability to let you retarget people on that, and other Social Media websites, is very useful and well worth using even if you don’t need any of their other facilities.

The other thing I’d like to say about AdRoll is that they are very approachable and accessible, even to smaller operators whereas other platforms can be unavailable to that sector due to cost and on the basis that they are simply too small to warrant attention. Alternative services offering similar products include the likes of AdTech, now part of AOL, are not really viable for the smaller business and not at all transparent about pricing and other issues.

AdRoll have a very useful pricing tool but the thing to remember is that you are actually buying ads with your money – AdRoll don’t have a management fee neither do they hold you to a minimum spend or lengthy contract. This makes the platform ideal for the smaller agency or business.

Retargeting is, by its nature, quite a complex activity which is easy to get wrong and waste a lot of money and for that reason it is probably best left to those who know how to use it effectively but the AdRoll website is full of useful guidance and support material if you want to go it alone. All ppc activity needs careful monitoring and frequent optimisation but this is even more important with retargeting campaigns.

Almost every website will have a proportion of visitors who leave the site and never return, even if the contents of that site were completely relevant to them. They simply get waylaid by another site that is equally relevant but which does a better job of engaging, retaining and converting them into a paying customer at some point in the future – exactly why retargeting is needed.

If you want to up your conversions and widen your marketing horizons I’d certainly take a look at ad retargeting with AdRoll.


Where To Find It
Product Type
PPC Ad retargeting platform
Paid, Various Options
Free Trial Available
No minimum spend, depends on your ad budget.

Optimonk – A New Take On Retargeting

Optimonk – changing the face of retargeting

Optimonk is described by its makers as a tool for onsite retargeting which can help to significantly improve conversions rates for your website traffic.

Classic retargeting waits for someone to visit your website and, when they do, adds a cookie or a “pixel” to their browser so that they can be identified when visiting other sites and targeted with reminder ads and so on.

Powerful stuff but in order for it to work the “customer” has to leave your website and go to another one where retargeting of ads is supported – by no means all of them. If the targeted visitor does not visit another site where you can retarget them with a suitable message then they are lost.

Optimonk operates rather differently – it allows you to retarget the visitor with a message before they leave your website! How powerful is that?

Optimonk onsite retargeting

As you can see from the diagram, Optimonk detects the “intent” of the visitor and if it thinks they are about to leave your site they are targeted with an appropriate message in order to encourage them to stay and engage with you. Optimonk claims that up to 25% of all visitors will respond to this and result in seriously increased conversion ratios.

As yet, we have not run a definitive split test in order to see just how many people do respond to the retargeting message but I’d encourage you to give it a try for two main reasons:

  • Even a small improvement to conversion rates can put money in your pocket
  • This is not a complex, fiddly, process where you need to phone the developer in order to get it set up and running – just one small snippet of code to be placed on the page, Optimonk supports most major platforms including WordPress, Drupal, Magento & Joomla.

Plus, there’s a third reason – this product is reasonably priced and they give you 14 days full access trial for free so you can do your testing on them!

Optimonk costs $29/month for one site and up to 5,000 visitors. Larger plans are available if you have more visitors than that, or if you have multiple sites.



Where To Find It
Product Type
Keyword Research & Competitor Analysis
Paid, Various Options
Free Trial Available
From $16/month if you pay annually.