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For many of us, Social Media plays an important part in our lives, keeping us in touch with friends and associates.

Well, now it also plays an important part in your website’s life as well since Google now considers a strong social media profile to be a powerful ranking signal when deciding where to place your website in the search results pages.

Social Media Marketing has come of age and is now playing a vital part in the overall Digital Marketing Strategy of many savvy businesses.

So how can today’s businesses use Social Media Marketing in order to achieve the required level of social engagement?

It's tricky and can be time consuming but fortunately there are lots of products and services out there to help you – here’s our guide to what’s available:

Social Media Marketing

Creative Commons License Update

What Is a Creative Commons License? You’ve probably seen references to Creative Commons Licensing all over the web. Creative Commons is an easy to use, and totally free, system of licensing images, text and audio content...

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Amplifr – Social Media Marketing & Analytics

Amplifr is a social media management platform aimed at in-house social media managers or small marketing agencies. Now you could be forgiven for thinking that there is no shortage of social media management platforms out there...

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Agorapulse – Social Media Marketing & Analytics

Agorapulse is a comprehensive suite of Social Media Marketing tools to help you to run your campaigns on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Agorapulse puts all your social media channels on one dashboard. No more logging in and...

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Union Metrics – Social Media Intelligence

Union Metrics provides the analytics and research capability every marketing team needs in order to put together an effective social media marketing strategy and inform day-to-day performance and activity on the main social...

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GroupTweet – Twitter Account Sharing Tool

GroupTweet is designed to enable multiple contributors to Tweet from your company, school, team, or group Twitter account. What’s more, they can do so from any Twitter app they choose. The benefits of GroupTweet are fairly...

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AdEspresso Facebook Ads Manager

AdEspresso is an ad management platform for Facebook ads. It is brought to you by the nice people at Hootsuite. If you use Facebook ads as an important part of your marketing efforts then this is a Facebook Ads Manager tool that...

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MyCurator Quick and Easy Content Curation

MyCurator Makes it Quick and Easy to Curate Quality Content for Your Site and can save you hours of work every day by automatically finding content you can use. Our Cloud AI module classifies articles based on their relevance to...

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Sotrender Social Media Analytics & Reporting

Sotrender is a social media reporting and analytics platform that is both powerful and reasonably priced. I was first attracted to Sotrender as a social media management and reporting tool because it appeared to offer in-depth...

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Capzool – Social Media Marketing Post Library

Capzool is a social media content provider which gives you access to a massive library of ready to go social media posts. Speaking as someone who has written many thousands of social media posts in my time I know that finding...

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Oktopost – Social Media Management for B2B

Oktopost describes itself as “The B2B Social Media Management Platform.” They then go on to claim that they are “One Powerful Platform for Social Media Management.” Bold claims indeed so lets take a quick...

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Shareaholic For Chrome Browser Extension

Shareaholic is a suite of content syndication and social media sharing tools that has proved to be both popular and useful by digital marketers across many different markets. Now, the publishers of Shareaholic have released...

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ManageFlitter – Twitter Marketing & Management

ManageFlitter is a well established and popular Twitter management platform that could prove invaluable to anyone who has made Twitter an important part of their Digital Marketing Strategy. By combining the already widely...

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Tweriod – Twitter Marketing Optimiser

Tweriod is a free application to help you to make sure that your Tweets are seen by as many people as possible – without resorting to paid advertising. Many businesses Tweet away merrily in the belief that someone out...

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XOVI – SEO Tools For The Discerning Marketer

XOVI is a bit of a find actually. They are a German Saas, (software as a service) company, based in Cologne, who produce one of the most grown-up, joined-up and powered-up suite of SEO tools I’ve yet seen that does not...

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Audiense – Social Media Marketing

Audiense is the new name for the social media marketing platform previously known as SocialBro. It is perhaps a little too optimistic to call it a social media marketing platform since it only handles Twitter and Instagram,...

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Buffer – Social Media Marketing

Buffer is a well established and popular Social Media Marketing platform offering a variety of tools to help you to manage your Social Media marketing strategy more effectively. Social Media Marketing is an important element of...

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Sendible – Social Media Marketing Automation

Sendible is an all-in-one suite of social media reporting and analytical tools coupled with an automated social media post scheduling platform – ideal for businesses that have made social media marketing an important part...

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Zoomph – Social Media Marketing

If Social Media Marketing is part of your Digital Marketing Strategy then you will probably need some help in keeping it all together. Zoomph describe themselves as an “Influencer Marketing Platform” which might take...

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SumoMe – Tools to Grow Your Website Traffic

SumoMe is a comprehensive suite of tools to use on your website in order to improve conversions and increase subscriptions to your mailing lists. Trying to put SumoMe into a category has proved to be difficult. It is a useful...

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Followerwonk – Twitter Marketing Supertool

Followerwonk is a Twitter analytics and marketing tool from MOZ that is available in a single account form for free – just go to the MOZ site or use the link on the right. There are paid versions available as well, if you...

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Rival IQ – Social Media Marketing

Rival IQ is a comprehensive and extremely useful set of Social Media Marketing tools. I’ve used it extensively to monitor and develop the Social Media Marketing efforts of several clients and consider it to be one of the...

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Hootsuite Social Media Marketing Tool

Anyone who has had to regularly post content to social Media sites will know just how time consuming that can be. Social Media Marketing tools like Hootsuite can save you a lot of time and make the task of marketing your...

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