Social Media Influencer Marketing & Analytics With Klear

Klear is a Social Media Marketing & Influencer Location platform that combines comprehensive social media page analytics with an influencer identification service that enables you to search for social media influencers by skills or location, or both.

When you carry out an influencer search, Klear will identify 10 influencers in a number of different categories, e.g. power users, celebrities, casual, and so on). You can use the Klear platform, in a limited way, for free, which is just as well because the entry level for paid subscriptions is $249/month which puts it into the realm of being for professional users only, $249/month being out of the reach of most small businesses for a platform which, in and of itself, will probably not be sufficient to carry out the full Social Marketing function.

Anyone who carries out Content Marketing on Social Media, (or anywhere else for that matter), will know how important it is to identify influencers, people who write about a particular topic and who are looked upon as authorities in that topic. There are tools around that can help with this, possibly the best known being BuzzSumo, but Klear have focused on it and have made a really good job of it too.

The Klear “Influencer Search Engine” boasts over 500 Million user profiles in over 60,000 categories along with 5 years worth of historical data. This is surely enough to meet the needs of even the most sophisticated content marketer. Klear is almost certainly the number one influencer search engine out there.

Klear Influencer Search Engine

Klear finds influencers in almost any subject – like this example for Yoga in USA.

As if Influencer searches were no enough, Klear includes a very detailed and in-depth Anlytics function for analysing your own social media pages as well as those of your competitors or anyone else you may be interested in.

Klear Social Media Analytics

Social Media Analytics Klear style

With this tool you can compare your own page’s performance with that of your competitors, and others, and see metrics such as Engagement, Influence and Reach all calculated for you to use when crafting your next content campaign. As of yet there isn’t a tool to compare several pages on screen, e.g. you vs. your main competitors, but the dat ais all there – you just need to shape it to meet your needs.

Add this to the extensive audience demographic data on offer from across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook which can help you to understand whether yours, or another’s audience fits your target audience requirements and you have a winning combination on your hands. This includes Gender, Influence, Location, Interests Spaces, Domains they share, Hashtags they mention and more.

I believe Klear is well worth you investigating if content Marketing and Social Media Marketing play a part in your overall digital marketing strategy and it is difficult to imagine a business where those elements will not be a part of the strategy, at least to some extent.

The free version of Klear will suffice for many whereas others will need to consider a paid plan. You can set up a trial for free so there’s no excuse not to.

Social Insider – Facebook Analytics and Marketing

Social Insider is a Facebook analytics platform that addresses a need for Social Media Marketers, and in particular, Facebook Marketers to be able to understand what’s happening on their Facebook pages in greater depth.

If you are spending time and money on marketing a business with Facebook then you will know that it is perfectly possible to put in a lot of effort and get back absolutely nothing in terms of increased business – Social Insider will help to fix that.

Yes, you might increase your number of followers and that is always nice but how much of it actually translates into business at the end of the day? Facebook Analytics

Facebook Engagement report from


Social Insider will certainly tell you how many new likes your page(s) have received but it goes much further than that. In reports on levels of engagement that your site enjoys with thoese followers and it is an engaged audience that every business needs, on social media and elsewhere.

Just some of the KPIs and metrics reported by include:

Page Posts – how many posts are you making compared to your competitors? No matter how many you are doing, if your competitors are doing more then you may still come out second best, or worse! Social Insider tells you exactly what your competitors are up to on their Facebook page(s) so that you can work out a strategy to deal with it.

Gender analysis in comments & reactions – once you know what level of engagement, (people interacting with your pages) you and your competitors are getting, you can drill down and find out much more about them, including their gender.

When is the best time to interact with your Facebook fans? – the users activity grid clearly shows when most of the action takes place and when you should concentrate your own efforts to take advantage of this knowledge.

Social Insider - when people comment

Social Insider “When People Comment” Grid

Data History – you get up to 6 months of historical data with Social Insider, good but more history would be better.

So far, so good. I like Social Insider but, I’m afraid, there is a but!

They want to charge you $59/month for this data but provide little by way of data export, except as a .pdf report, and there is a distinct lack of a report writer. Not so good.

The other point of course is that most Social Media Marketers will be active aross multiple platforms of which Facebook is just one – how many other packages will it be necessary to subscribe to in order to fully monitor a social media marketing campaign? By the time you’ve added all of that up you might just as well have subscribed to a platform like RivalIQ or Simply Measured, which will do them all.

On the plus side, they do provide a free account option which may meet the requirements of some very small businesses.

On balance – try it for free and, if most of your social media marketing activity is on Facebook then it may be all you’ll need. Don’t box yourself in though – Facebook is big but it isn’t right for every campaign.

Social Insider

Where To Find It
Product Type
Facebook Analytics Platform
Paid, Various Options
Free Trial Available
Yes – 7 day trial

Creative Commons License Update

What Is a Creative Commons License?

You’ve probably seen references to Creative Commons Licensing all over the web. Creative Commons is an easy to use, and totally free, system of licensing images, text and audio content online. If you need content that you can use without copyright an other legal problems then there is a huge amount of Creative Commons material available. […]

Amplifr – Social Media Marketing & Analytics

Amplifr is a social media management platform aimed at in-house social media managers or small marketing agencies.

Now you could be forgiven for thinking that there is no shortage of social media management platforms out there right now, including the well-known ones like Hootsuite and Buffer, both of which are available at very reasonable cost. However, there is always room for improvement and here at the Digital Marketing Directory it is our job to look at all comers to the market and evaluate what they have to offer, and guess what? When I took a look at Amplifr I was pleasantly surprised – they’ve managed to bring quite a lot to the party and are currently offering it at a very attractive price.

So what does Amplifr offer – let’s take a look.

In a nutshell, the stated objective is as follows “Collaborate, schedule, and analyse all of your social accounts with one tool” Hallelujah to that, who wants to have to switch between tools in order to manage their Social Media, not me.

The three main areas of social media management are:  post scheduling, social media analytics, and, for those with a team, collaboration.

Amplifr social media management

Here’s what the good people at Amplifr are offering in each of these areas.

Amplifr Social Media Scheduling

Automated scheduling of posts to social media is certainly not new and you kind of expect it to be there in any management tool that you might consider using. Well, it is there and it seems to do a great job. What stands out however is the the Machine Learning (ML) based best posting time prediction option which can ensure that your social media posts get optimal engagement and convert at a higher rate than you would be able to get with random posting. There is a useful post preview facility as well.

Amplifr Social Media Analytics

Now you can see your stats for all your social media platforms in one place – your Amplifr Analytics dashboard. See at a glance which posts are working, and where plus it can also track events such as newsletter signups, purchases or other activity that takes place on your website!

Amplifr Collaboration.

Streamline your content management and workflow across your team members, all of whom would have access to relevant data, social media projects, clients data and, of course, your social media accounts. All of your collaborators can plan and schedule content and and analyse the resulting metrics with each member’s access being under your admin control.

Who would benefit most from Amplifr – how does it compare to other Social Media Management tools.

I think it is fairly clear that this tool is probably best suited to digital marketing agencies who run social media accounts on behalf of their clients. It comes with a wider range of in-depth analytics than you might get with lower cost alternatives and represents a reasonal cost level for this kind of functionality.

There is also a iOS app available so you can manage on the move.

There’s just one thing I can’t tell you right now, and that is how to pronouce the name Amplifr – suggestions on a postcard please.

Pricewise – I got access to Amplifr with an Appsumo deal for lifetime access at $49 which is a bargain by anyone’s standards but that deal will probably go away soon. Regular pricing is not really clear at this stage but they do quote a starting rate of $5 per social account, per month. In any case, there’s a free 14 day trial so I would certainly encourage you to take a look for free before you make up your mind.



Where To Find It
Product Type
Social Media Marketing & Analytics
Paid, Various Options
Free Trial Available
Yes – 14 days
From $5 per social media account/month

Searchmetrics – SEO Tools, Reporting and Analytics

Searchmetrics – SEO Tools, Reporting and Analytics

Searchmetrics is a market leader in the provision of top-end SEO tools and resources for digital marketing research and reporting.

Searchmetrics data is often used as a reference point or a benchmark for digital marketing research and reports and there is a high level of respect for them in the industry.

This is a very comprehensive SEO platform covering almost every aspect of digital marketing and online, or partially online, business. We have listed the service for a full in-depth review and there is a link on the right hand side for that which will be activated when the Searchmetrics review is complete.

Here is a brief summary of what to expect from the powerful  Searchmetrics SEO Platform

Searchmetrics Local SEO

Searchmetrics currently lets you analyse your local SEO rankings for a total of 14 countries including, of course, the UK and the US. With so many searches now being carried out on a local basis, and Google placing much more emphasis on local searches, this is an important area to address for many SEO professionals.

Research Cloud – Data for Search & Content Marketing

The Searchmetrics Research Cloud comprises over 250 billion individual items of information that are constantly updated, covering Search, Content, PPC, social and mobile marketing.

Website Performance Monitoring with Searchmetrics “Visibility Guard”

The Visibility Guard function is useful in that it monitors your site(s) 24/7 and reports immediately any issues that will adversely affect performance and which may incur losses in traffic and conversions.

Make your Content Measurable with Searchmetrics Content Performance

How well does your content work and does it meet your audience’s needs? With Searchmetrics Content Performance your content becomes measurable and these questions may be more easily answered.

Social Media Optimisation

Searchmetrics Social SEO helps you to interpret social media popularity which is measured by social signals in a way that you can use to integrate your SEO, social media marketing and content marketing strategies. This enables you to detect, track and measure the social impact of your domains, landing pages and other digital communication.

Searchmetrics Backlink Analysis

Backlink Analysis can be found in most SEO platforms but they vary tremendously in terms of quality, quantity and accuracy with the benchmarks being set by such providers as Majestic and Ahrefs. Searchmetrics’ backlink analysis will provide you with a clear view of your website’s backlink structure. Metrics included are link type, link source, industry, popularity, and link strength. You can also analyse incoming backlinks in order to evaluate their potential use in optimization. Searchmetrics claim that their database offers more than 150 billion links which certainly puts them well ahead of many of their competitors.

Keyword Research

There’s a Keyword Discovery function to help you to see which keywords your competitors are using and to create keyword lists with which to try and dominate the search results. There’s also a PPC research module with the suite of tools available to you. These are essential elements of any SEO toolkit.

There’s so much in the Searchmetrics platform, you really need to check it out – they offer a free demo but not a free trial, as far as we can tell. If you need top-end SEO tools then this is probably where you need to be looking. As to pricing, well they are a bit secretive about that, publishiong only the very basic “Essentials” plan which costs $69/month and is only available if you pay a year at a time – or so I’m told. It doesn’t give you many of the features and time restictions apply as to the amount of historical data you can use.

Every other plan requires you to contact them so maybe that’s the best option. They haven’t geared this up for the smaller business and maybe that’s deliberate, if you need this level of data and research capability then the price probably won’t matter.





Where To Find It

Search Metrics Home Page


Paid, Various Options

Free Trial Available?



Essentials Plan $69/month. Higher levels not published.

Respond by Buffer – Social Media Monitoring & Response Tool

Respond by Buffer is a social media monitoring tool that is designed to facilitate the kind of ultra-responsive support services that social media users expect.

Businesses are being encouraged to make social media a part of their overall marketing effort – quite rightly so in most cases – but it is often not fully understood just how much of an overhead this could represent.

Respond by Buffer is clearly targeted at in-house social media support teams

The main problem most businesses have when they open themselves up on social media is the fact that their followers, fans and customers are probably located across the globe in different timezones and, by the nature of the social media expected modus operandi, they expect to receive a quick response to any queries or complains that they might raise using social media as their channel for doing so.

As the size of the audience grows, so too does the number of such interactions. Businesses then need to start monitoring closely every social channel they are active on in order to catch any mentions, questions or comments about their business and, where appropriate, respond to them in a timely manner.

Worse still, your business may also be mentioned on channels that you are not currently active on, which increases the potential workload exponentially.

There are several services out there that will monitor social media for you and report any mentions so that you, or they, can respond accordingly. Respond is a bit different in that it is a service that many people who are active on social media already know, reconise and trust – Buffer.

What Respond by Buffer does in essence is put all of your social customer support requests, currently from Facebook and Twitter, in one location. It then turns those Twitter and Facebook mentions, direct
messages and searches into support tickets, bringing everything together in inbox to which the approriate people in your organisation will have access to.

The only real disappointment for me was the limited number of platforms supported. True, Facebook and Twitter do probably acount for the lion’s share of online interactions from social media that most businesses are likely to receive but there are others that need to be in the mix, not least of which being LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and Whatsapp. I note from Respond’s very useful “roadmap” thast all of these are under consideration at the time of writing.

Respond, by Buffer, is in its infancy but it is the offspring of Buffer, a very effective operator in the field of social media marketing, so we are expecting great things to come.

As for now, there’s a free 15 day trial which I advise you to take before making any purchasing decisions. The reason i say that is that the price of this platform is quite hefty considering its currently limited scope, i.e. Facebook and Twitter only. If you want all of the features then the onboard price for an entry level account would be $260/month or $216/month if billed annually in full. That buys you just 1 user and 2 profiles, eg Twitter and Facebook. There is a lower level “Professional” plan starting at $60/month but that plan does not include Social Listening, thereby rendering it next-to-useless in my opinion.

Respond by Buffer

Where To Find It
Product Type
Social Media monitoring
Paid, Various Options
Free Trial Available
Yes – 15 days
 Plans start at $60/month