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Create Training Courses For Online Training

Training takes many forms and is delivered in many different ways but one trend that is definilty on the up is that of online training.

It isn't just training of an academic kind either - businesses of all sizes and types are using online training courses to handle everything from staff induction, ongoing staff development and for teaching their customers how to use their products.

Whatever your training requirements are now, and whatever they are likely to be in the future, you are almost certainly going to have to consider some kind of online training course creation system, probaly in conjunction with a LMS (Learning Management System).

Here, we list what is currently available.


Tips and tricks to help you to improve your Online Training efforts.

Training Course Builders

Thinkific – Training Course Platform

Thinkific is an all-in-one platform for creating, running and, if you want, selling, online training courses. Thinkific has been designed to offer all of the facilities required by Small and Medium Sized Enterprises or...

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