URL shorteners take a long URL that would take up a lot of space in a document or on a webpage, and reduce it to a much smaller URL. This became very necessary in Tweets which were limited to 140 characters in which you had to include links and images and in fact anywhere that space was limited.

Possibly the best known URL shortener is Bit.ly but Tinyurl.com is also widely used. Google have their own URL Shortener, known as goo.gl.

As well as just shortening the URL, most of these URL Shorteners also have built in tracking ability so you can see how many times your URL has been clicked and where the URL was placed when it was clicked.

This useful function comes free in most cases. Services like Hootsuite and Buffer offer URL shorteners in their packages, some of which are paid for, but it is perfectly easy to get URL shorteners for free.

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