Nibbler Website Audit Tool

There is no shortage of website auditing tools out there. Clever little algorithms that crawl the pages of your site and tell you what is wrong. Nibbler is different, not very different but it does have a few nice and unique features that you might want to take a look at.

The first, and very welcome, point I’d like to make about Nibbler reports is that they are very easy to read and understand. Most small business owners are not technically minded and to tell them that they have a problem with 301 redirects will mean nothing to them, less than nothing in fact. However, if you tell them that there isn’t enough content on their page, or that their Social Media activity is below par and they will probably take that on board.

Nibbler is very good at presenting semi-technical information in a way that even a non-technical person can understand and act upon – well done Nibbler.

As with all such tools, you have to be cautious and take the results with a pile of salt, a pinch will not do here, as you can see if you look at the somewhat playful report I did on

Nibbler Sample Report

Yes, it’s true, only scored 6.2 overall on the Nibbler test. This is a bit naughty of me to use as an example because there are lots of reasons why a massive and clearly very competent website like Amazon has scored badly – the lack of links to social media sites being just one of them – but it does serve to illustrate the point that website auditor tools like this are fallible and you should only ever use them as a guide.

Free Nibbler Account

Yes, here’s the even better news – Nibbler has a completely free version for you to use as much as you like. No limited period test and no credit card required. It’s free.

They do have big brother versions with way more functionality but you probably will never need them, especially if your business is small and uncomplicated. If, however you do find yourself needing the extra functions of the Pro account brace yourself for a shock because it starts at $60/month plus VAT if you’re in the EU and that’s for a mere 10 reports.

Nonetheless, the reports and level of detail available in the Pro accounts is very good and if you need it then I’ve yet to find a better product without a very silly price tag.

Nibbler is a great introduction to SEO for those who want to give it a go for themselves – it’s probably a bit of a lightweight for the pro SEO operator but then he/she should expect to pay the fee and get the Pro version – a highly recommended tool.

Whoisology – Website Ownership and Other Whois Data

Whoisology – Website Ownership and Other Whois Data

Whoisology provide a range of services based on the supply of WHOIS data – the details of who owns , hosts and administers any registered website address (URL).

This is a mini Whoisology review – the full review will be published soon.

When registering a domain name, or URL, it is a requirement of ICANN – the not for profit organisation that manages such things – that certain ownership related data should always be provided and kept up to date.

Many people use this data for a variety of purposes from marketing through to law enforcement, copyright infringement and so on.

In small quantities it is possible to obtain everything you need for free from a number of providers of which Whoisology is one.

Whoisology whois data services

Whoisology have a monstrous database of whois data

But what if you need to know more? or if you need more in-depth data? If these questions apply to you then some of the paid-for services offered by Whoisology may be of interest to you.

Whoisology operates a domain name ownership archive which has billions of searchable, cross referenced domain name records containing whois information. This database is regularly updated.

The main emphasis is on the provision of “reverse whois” which is a technology that is used mainly for cyber crime investigation, InfoSec, corporate intelligence, legal research, business development, marketing and, as Whoisology themselves put it “good ol’ fashioned poking around”.

The company has, quite rightly, identified that sifting through high volumes of whois data is hard work and worked out how to make massive amounts of legally mandated public data easier to manage. Domain name related whois data has always been freely and publically available but now, thanks to Whoisology,  it’s much easier to use.

If you just want to look up the ownership of a single site then it may be worth your while downloading the free Whoisology Chrome extension. Then just visit the site(s) you want to research and click the Whoisology icon – away you go, basic whois data delivered in an instant!

If you are doing more detailed and large scale research however, one of the Whoisology premium plans may be a better fit. They give you access to a wider range of search and research tools for use with their massive whois database.

There is a completely free account on offer, with some restictions that would not be a problem for the occasional user. If you want to get more serious however, paid plans start at $30 per month or $300 per year and if you exceed the allocated number of searches or reports then additional credits may be purchased on an ad-hoc basis.

This service has a lot going for it and for those marketers who want really in-depth information about their competitors – it’s a must!


Where To Find It
Product Type
Whois data research tools
Paid, Various Options
Free Trial Available
Yes – free account option
$30/month entry level

GTmetrix – Website Performance Monitoring

GTmetrix – Website Performance Monitoring

GTmetrix is a suite of website performance monitoring tools that is designed to help you keep your website running efficiently.

GTmetrix review

Get a detailed website performance report like this for your website with GTmetrix

GTmetrix is a Canada-based organisation that have developed a very useful suite of website optimisation tools. I like the way the information is presented and that it is not just information for information’s sake – it is actionable, practical advice and help, backed up with accurate information.

The central focus of GTmetrix’s analytics is speed. PageSpeed (A Google metric) page load speed, (not the same thing as Google’s PageSpeed metric) and other factors play a significant part in, not only your site’s performance when serving your website visitors, but also in how prominently your site features in search engine results pages, (SERPs).

It’s true that much of the data that GTmetrix provides at this level is available, for free, from Google Analytics and Search Console but that is missing the point. What GTmetrix adds to that data is the ability to compare your results to the average for other sites around the web – it’s no use knowing that you can run a mile in 4 minutes if everyone else is doing it in 3!

If it is important to your business to keep your website in and around the top positions in the SERPs for the keywords that are relevant to you then, provided your website has the right level of high quality content, keeping on top of other performance issues, like PageSpeed, Bounce Rate, Click Through Rate, etc, is essential. GTmetrix will help you to do that – for free!

GTmetrix free website performance analysis

Free of charge website performance analysis by GTmetrix

This is one of the best, totally free, suites of website optimisation tools that I have ever come across. I first found out about it when an overseas developer sent me some website statistics about a site he was working on for me, using GTmetrix as a reference tool. I was amazed at the depth and quality of the information given and I asked him how much he had to pay in order to get it – he assured me that he hadn’t paid a penny, he was using the GTmetrix free account.

Yes, they do have paid options as well, if you need them and professional SEO specialists, web development agencies and others may very well need to upgrade to a paid plan but eve if you do the monthly subscriptions are hardly likely to break the bank – GTmetrix offer very reasonable subscription plans, starting at $14.95 for up to 10 URLs (“Bronze” plan). Agencies wishing to use the white-label facility for producing pdf reports for their clients will have to bite the bullet however – that comes in with the “Gold” plan at $149.95/month!


Where To Find It
Product Type
Website performance tester
Free/Paid, Various Options
Free Trial Available
Yes – there is a free forever account option
Paid plans start at $14.95/month

SEOSiteCheckup – Site Audit Tool

SEOSiteCheckup is a comprehensive website audit tool with a particularly good reporting interface that not only gives you the data about the target site but also explains what it all means in terms that the average business owner will be able to understand.


Screaming Frog – SEO Spider & Site Audit Tool

Screaming Frog – SEO Spider & Site Audit Tool

Screaming Frog is best known for its SEO Spider tool which is a is a website crawler that allows you to crawl websites and find SEO problems to be fixed.

What many people do not realise is that Screaming Frog is actually published by a full-blown marketing agency based in the delightful riverside town of Henley-on Thames in Oxfordshire. Not that that matters to most people but anyone from an agency who is considering using the package may want to consider the question of competition and whether it is a good idea to use the product of a potential competitor.

Leaving that to one side, the Screaming Frog SEO Spider tool lets you to crawl, analyse and audit a site from for the purpose of improving onsite SEO. If you have a website to optimise, and that site is a reasonable size, or bigger, then manually going through and checking every page would be a major task, if not an impossible one. Screaming Frog is particularly well suited to that kind of task and comes highly recommended and respected in that context.

Screaming Frog SEO

Just A Few Of The Things You Can Do With Screaming Frog!

Identifying such offences as incorrect redirects, broken links, duplicate page issues and problems with page content, titles and meta descriptions becomes much more agreeable when the frog does the work and you take the credit.

Another major factor in Screaming Frog’s favour, bearing in mind that there are many website auditing packages out there right now, is the fact that, for most users, it is completely free. Don’t let that put you off though – this is not a chopped down freebie that is designed to get you to upgrade to a paid version that actually does something. Instead it is a full-blown, fully working SEO website auditing tool and if you are seriously into SEO then it, or something very much like it, is probably a “must-have.”

So, the pricing section of this mini Screaming Frog review is easy – it’s free although there is a paid licence option for really heavy duty users who need to manage more than 500 URL’s but that’s only £149/year so hardly likely to break the bank.

Great product, great value – if only we could end our reviews like that a bit more often. Good old Screaming Frog.

Screaming Frog

Where To Find It
Product Type
Website Auditing Tool
Paid, Various Options
Free Trial Available
No – its free anyway

Inspyder – SEO Tools

Inspyder – SEO Tools

Canadian software company Inspyder sell their suite of SEO tools in bundles for a one-off payment – no monthly fees to worry about. For many, this will be the ideal solution as you can choose the modules you need to help you with your digital marketing strategy and avoid paying for software that will never be used.

That’s a refreshing and different approach and that is also true of the actual modules that are on offer. Yes, of course there is Rank Tracking, Backlink Management and a Site Audit Tool but the Inspyder lineup also includes some less frequently found options including a SiteMap Creator Tool and a neat tool called Orfind which finds web pages on your site which are no longer linked to, in other words “orphaned”.


The Useful Selection Of Tools Available From InSpyder

Another useful sounding tool is Power Search, which enables you to search a website for content that does not normally get indexed by search engines. Power Search searches a website’s HTML code and provides powerful query and scraping tools to locate and scrape the data you are looking for.

We haven’t completed our full Inspyder review yet but check in regularly if you would like to see that – or register here and we’ll let you know when it’s published.

As to cost, well there are a few options. Firstly, you can pick any two tools for $79.92 – remember this is a one-off payment, not a monthly subscription. The Full InSpyder bundle with everything comes in at $194.83. There’s also a custom bundle option – just tell them what you want and they’ll work out a price.

If you have a digital marketing strategy to put into action but don’t want to get tied into lots of monthly subscriptions then this could well be the solution for you.

I must say I do like it when software vendors deal this way. You pay for the product and you’re done. No monthly fees. You can try it for free so get on over to and see what you think.


Where To Find It
Product Type
SEO Toolkit
Free Trial Available
From $79.92 one-off payment, no monthly fees

Unbounce Free 11 part Landing Page Conversion Course

The Smart Marketer’s Landing Page Conversion Course
Unbounce offers this free 11-part course with expert marketing advice from 10 world-renowned conversion experts. Well worth a look, just follow the link.