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Digital marketing is rapidly becoming a part of the daily grind for almost every business. Whether you trade locally, nationally or internationally you need to be visible when people search online for products and services you provide.

We created the Digital Marketing Directory to steer you in the right direction when selecting the products and services to use in your Digital Marketing strategy and to gain online supremacy for your business.

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Carefully selected digital marketing products to help you to stay ahead of the competition.

We bring you the latest tools that are designed to really give you an edge and put real marketing power into your hands.

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SEMrush free trial

SEMrush Free Trial

Find out about the SEMrush free trial - SEMrush is the most popular and full-featured SEO tools platform for everything from Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis through to Rank Tracking and Social Media Management. Now you can try it completely FREE with the...

Access Ryan Deiss’ Digital Marketer LAB for just $1

Yes, now you can have unlimited access to the Ryan Deiss Digital Marketer Lab - the library of Digital Marketing "Execution Plans" developed by USA Power Marketer, Ryan Deiss, founder of Digital Marketer. Just a token payment of $1 is all it takes and you can dip into...

Clicks – The Digital Marketing Magazine for Small Businesses

Latest Edition Now Available For FREE Download Featuring: What Motivates People To Buy? Should You Automate Your Social Media Activity? Get New Business With Online Referrals 7 Mistakes You May Be Making With Facebook Ads  

Ryan Deiss and Digital Marketer – Our USA-Based Power-Marketing Partners

Ryan Deiss is a familiar name in digital marketing circles around the world but in particular in the USA. His online digital marketing organisation, known simply as "Digital Marketer" is a treasure trove of valuable resouces for marketers at any level - anywhere. Some...

Free Images for your Blog, Website or Emails

Here at the Digital Marketing Directory we know that almost all website owners, webmasters, bloggers and marketers need images from time to time - but they are so expensive if you go to conventional image libraries! Now, we have a solution for all of our members,...
FlickGif Animated GIF Creation

FlickGif – Easily Create Animated Gifs

FlickGif is a powerful and comprehensive Gif creation tool that can massively increase engagement on your website and on social media platforms. From the makers of Explaindio, (one of the better movie making packages for creating "Explainer" videos, you know - the...
Serplify Local SEO Tool

Serplify – Local SEO Supertool

Serplify is a powerful Local SEO tool for maxing out your Local Search visibility. Local SEO Tools like this should be used with caution - it can open the floodgates to an awful lot of traffic but can you handle it? What does Serplify do? In a nutshell, Serplify...
Instamate Instagram marketing

Instamate – Instagram Marketing Supertool

Instagram is now the fastest growing of all social Media platforms but it is still underused by businesses as a marketing tool. Now you can change all of that with Instamate, an all-in-one tool for harnessing the selling power of Instagram and its ever growing...
depositphotos review


Depositphotos supply images & videos by way of an affordable subscription structure that suits the smaller user. For example, if we don't use up our monthly download allowance it carries forward into the next month - perfect. The images offered by Depositphotos...

SEO Powersuite

SEO Powersuite comprises of 4 of the most widely used and admired SEO tools available anywhere - at any price! Ranktracker - is a powerful and very versatile keyword tracking tool but to just describe it as that would be to do it a terrific injustice - you should at...

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