Serplify – Local SEO Supertool

Serplify is a powerful Local SEO tool for maxing out your Local Search visibility.

Local SEO Tools like this should be used with caution – it can open the floodgates to an awful lot of traffic but can you handle it?

What does Serplify do?

In a nutshell, Serplify enables you to quickly build multiple versions of a website, or probably just a single web page, that is designed to promote a typical local business, such as hairdressers, landscape gardeners, driving schools, etc. It does this by automatically finding long-tail versions of popular keywords and then “localising” them. Once that’s done Serplify goes on to create Google-friendly content and delivers you a ready to run local webpage for every location that you want to be visible in.

To do all of that manually is a big job but Serplify makes light work of it. The best part, however, is still to come!

Serplify can, in many cases, get your new localised website into the top ten search results, i.e. page 1 of Google, within days – I’ve even seen it done within hours for less competitive keywords.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that Serplify comes with a hefty price tag but you’d be very wrong – the “Pro” version comes in at ¬†$49 but it does vary slightly as they run frequent promotions.


Where To Find It
Product Type
Local SEO Tool
Paid, Various Options
Free Trial Available
No but 30 money back day guarantee
From $49


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