Lead Generation With Referrals by Viral Loops

Lead Generation With Referrals by Viral Loops

Viral Loops lets you design custom referral programs for your business in a matter of minutes.

Rather than having to reinvent the wheel every time your lead generation efforts need a bit of a boost, you can use Viral Loops with its extensive library of templtes to create viral campaigns with ease. Carefully created and managed, this type of leadgen campaign can be very productive and relatively low cost.

Now with Viral Loops You Can Get Referrals Like Never Before

Using Viral Loop’s expertly crafted templates it is easy and quick to create and run efficient viral & referral campaigns in just a few clicks.  A process that once was complex, expensive and painful (creating, implementing and running a referral campaign), has now been made much simpler – with Viral Loops, everyone can do it in a few minutes and, best of all, without the need for any technical skills.

Integral Landing Page Creation with viral Loops

With Viral Loops you can create beautiful landing pages to make it easy for people to invite their friends and grow your contact base. By giving your customers a clear call to action on the page you can create beautiful landing pages that make it easy for people to invite their friends and, in doing so, grow your user base. External page creation platforms such as LeadPages, ClickFunnels and Unbounce are all supported.

E-Commerce Campaigns

You can also create productive e-commerce campaigns by way of the integrations with Woo Commerce, Shopify and Opencart.


There are integrations with a number of external platforms and apps so that you can keep the data flowing around your entire marketing and management reporting system. Popular integrations such as Google Analytics, MailChimp and Zapier are all available and there are many others, including Hubspot, Mixpanel and Slack. The Milestone Referral for Messenger enables you to run an ongoing referral marketing campaign on Facebook Messenger where people can earn bigger prizes as they refer more friends to the plan.

Viral Loops Pricing

There is a very welcome free trial option and paid plans start at $35 if paid annually, ($49 if paid monthly). This entry level plan gives you: Up to 1,000 Participants, Viral Giveaways & Prelaunch, Campaign Templates, Viral Loops Pages, Mailchimp, Slack and 5 more integrations. Here’s the link: https://viral-loops.com/pricing


As the SEO space becomes more and more overcrowded and the cost of ppc clicks becomes prohibitive for many smaller businesses it is time to consider other ways of generating leads and business. Here we have a platform with effective ways to generate leads and enquiries for many different types of business and it is certainly worth a look.


Score – Lead Generation Using Scorecards

Score – Lead Generation Using Scorecards

Generate higher quality, higher converting leads with SCORE.

Prospects are at the heart of business growth. SCORE enables you to understand each prospect as an individual, and follow up with personalised messaging.

Score’s platform enables website owners to create branded scorecards that prospects complete on their website. The use of quizzes, surveys and questionaires is a well proven technique and this extends the process into the creation of a scorecard which determines the content of the report that he prospect receives after having completed the questions. The prospect answers a set of questions that you and the Score team collaboratively write together and design. The prospect then gets a personalised report based the answers given, and you get a lead with lots of rich data to enable you to personalise your follow-up and marketing strategy going forward.

Is this The Furure of Lead Generation?

Maybe not the (as in only) future but it’s certainly worth considering. The process is engaging and probably quite entetaining for the prospect. Once the prospect has completed the questions the ScoreApp will instantly calculate and deliver a dynamic result summary to them. A score will be calculated which can be shown as a percentage, out of 10, or the actual scores. The system handles all the fiddly opt-in requirements and collects all the necessary contract data for your ongoing marketing activities.You can ask your prospects to sign up pre or post questions and easily update their details as necessary.

Traffic Lights

You can easiliy set scoring tiers and associate colours to them in order to easily deliver a traffic light response for ease of use by the prospect.

Opt-in Location

Your prospects will be asked to provide location details s part of the lead generation process to assist with geo-targeted remarketing, email follow up, etc

Style It Up – Let SCORE Strenghten Your Branding

The ScoreApp makes it easy to completely white label your scorecard and associated pages and make them your own. Set your colours, fonts and images and you can use a custom domain if you wish. Use a domain of your choice, SSL included.


Score lets you choose which personal data to collect on sign up and customise your GDPR preferences accordingly with its Custom Sign Up Forms.

Remarketing & Marketing Tools

Turn your collected data into value with tailored marketing campaigns driving sales. The system enables Dynamic Retargeting where different retargeting pixels can be dropped onto the browser based on scores achieved.

Dynamic email follow up tools are in development and are coming soon – these will enable you to build follow up campaigns based on answers right within ScoreApp

Integrate your CRM

If required you can automatically push lead data including scores and answers into your CRM and trigger follow up campaigns

Create Landing Pages with ScoreApp

You can easily create attractive, compelling, tried and tested landing pages to attract more opt-ins and improve your conversion rate.

Score Pricing and Onboarding Costs

Score is a hosted service which involves the Score team assisting with setup. Their initial setup service, which is mandatory at £495, will cover this for you. Score starts at £25/month for up to 100 leads/month. higher lead number bands involve a higher setup fee. Here’s the pricing page: https://www.scoreapp.com/pricing/

Textau – Social Media Marketing Automation

Textau – Social Media Marketing Automation

Textau provides growth automation to scale your business faster

You can use Textau to Generate new leads, contant them quickly and effortlessly, and improve you knowledge of your users.
All the tools you need in one single place.

Automate your lead generation funnel to stay ahead of your competitors

With Textau you an get rid of the manual processes that slow your business growth and, instead, focus your marketing resoures on building relationships.

Your business needs scale

As a growth hacker you are driven by a laser-focused
passion: you want to scale your business and you want
to do it faster.

Manual processes slow you down

But most of your time is wasted figuring out how to get new contacts and reaching out to them manually. It’s a tedious process that drains your energy and creativity and is probably slowing you down.

How many opportunities are you missing?

You’re missing lots of invaluable opportunities for growth by not
automating your lead generation funnel. You need to spend less
time finding your leads and more time talking with them.

Growth can be automated: Textau makes it work

With TexAu you can automate your growth strategy so you can focus on what really matters.

More than 80 ready-to-use
Right now, you can choose between more than
80 automations on 15 different services, with
many more in the works. With these, you can
easily uncover untapped opportunities for
growth for your business.

Create complex automation
workflows in minutes
You can create a complex chain of automations with
our drag-and-drop tool in a matter of minutes.
Workflows allow you to connect different services

Get a 360° view of your
leads and contacts
We have integrations with Snov.io, Hunter.io
and Fullcontact that will allow you to enrich
data from your users and prospects easily and



How To Generate Leads With YouTube Ads

How To Generate Leads With YouTube Ads

How to Generate Leads with YouTube Ads 

Most small business don’t have a huge marketing budget.

Sounds familiar, right? Advertising is expensive. You want the money you spend to stretch as far as possible – and that means finding advertising opportunities that are going to get you the biggest possible bang for your buck. There’s no shortage of options. And one option that you may have overlooked is something that you’ve probably spent a lot of time on as a consumer.

That underused option is none other than YouTube ads.

You probably visit YouTube often – maybe you even go there more than once a day. And when you do, you’ve seen the ads that run before videos. You’ve probably also noticed ads that display with your search results.


When it comes to generating leads, those ads are CRUSHING it.

YouTube Ads Statistics

Let’s start by checking the numbers. We’re warning you – what you’re about to read may shock you, especially if you’ve been spending money on local TV ads and other high-cost ads. 

  • YouTube has more than one billion users – that’s almost one-third of all internet users.
  • 45% of users watch more than an hour of YouTube videos per week.
  • More video content is created online in 30 days than has been created by all major US television networks in 30 years.
  • 46% of all users act after watching a video ad.

We could quote dozens more facts like these, but these are sufficient to illustrate the point. Video advertising is hugely popular and hugely effective.

Now, let’s talk about how you can use YouTube ads to generate local leads.

Know Your YouTube Ads Types

The first step is knowing what your ad options are on YouTube. There are three to consider:

  1. TrueView In-Stream Ads are the ads you’re probably most familiar with on YouTube. These are the ads that stream before a video. They often come with a “Skip Ad” option that displays after five seconds. One thing you may not know is that if a viewer skips your ad, you won’t pay for the view. That’s key if you have a limited ad budget.
  2. Discovery Ads show up in YouTube search results and look just like other videos. To get viewers to choose your ad, you’ll need an eye-catching thumbnail to grab their attention. Here again, you’ll only pay if a viewer clicks on your ad. You won’t pay to have your ad displayed in the search results.
  3. Bumper Ads are very short ads that can’t be skipped. They’re most often targeted to mobile users, and they’re ideal if you have a message that can be conveyed in just a few seconds.

You’ll need to decide which ad format is best suited to your company.

YouTube Advertising Best Practices

Now, let’s look at some simple things that can help you generate tons of local leads with YouTube ads. 

Keep Your Ads Short

Bumper ads are necessarily short. You’ll be limited in how long they can be – usually, they’re less than 10 seconds.

In-Stream ads can vary in length, but keep in mind that viewers will be able to see how long your ad is as soon as it appears on their screen. They may be willing to sit through a 30-second ad if it interest them, but unless you really grab their attention, they’re not going to sit through a two-minute ad before watching the content they came to see.

Discovery ads can be longer – as much as two minutes – but make sure the content is engaging. That’s the only way that you’ll keep a viewer’s attention and get them to click your call to action.

Grab Users’ Attention from the Start

YouTube advertising isn’t the place to indulge in a slow build. Your ad must grab viewers’ attention immediately if you want them to stick around.

There are a few ways to accomplish this. One is to start with a provocative statement, one that target’s your audience’s biggest pain point.

Another option is to use storytelling in your video. If you tell a compelling story, people will keep watching to find out how it ends. 

But with this option, you will need a killer script for your video. If you can’t write one yourself, hire a pro to do it for you. It will be money well spent.

Don’t Wait to Display Your Call to Action 

Keeping in mind that you have limited time to capture your audience’s attention, it makes sense not to wait for the end of your video to display your call to action.

Remember, your goal is to get people to click your CTA. By displaying it on the screen early in your video – and then again at the end – you can maximize conversions.

You may even want to include several calls to action – especially if your video is long. Place them when the content in your video is likely to spur action. You don’t want to overdo it but it’s important to make it very easy for viewers to take the next step.

Optimize Your Landing Page for Video Viewers

Where will the people who view your ad end up if they click your call to action? If you want to use YouTube advertising to generate leads, you’ve got to make sure that your landing page is optimized for the people who see your video.

First, make sure that the content on your page matches what’s in the video. You don’t want people who visit to be confused.

Next, link viewers to a page that’s intended for lead generation. That means that you should have an opt-in form or appointment link on the page. Nobody who lands there should have to guess what the next step is. It should be clear.

Lead Generation on YouTube Doesn’t Have to be Expensive… 

Provided you choose the right place to run your YouTube ads and follow these simple guidelines, you should start seeing high-quality leads from your ads quickly. And from there, you can nurture those leads and turn them into loyal, paying customers.

See our other lead generation resources here: http://www.thedigitalmarketingdirectory.com/lead-generation/

Leadfeeder – See Who Is Visiting Your Website

Leadfeeder – See Who Is Visiting Your Website

Leadfeeder – See Who Is Visiting Your Website

Leadfeeder is an extension to your Google Analytics that not only tells you how many visitors your site has had – it also tell you where they work, how long they stayed and which pages they visited.

In that respect, Leadfeeder is one of several such services available, the best known of which is probably Leadforensics, along with Canddi and A1Webstats. The difference is in the installation – unlike the others mentioned, Leadfeeder does not require a special tracking code to be installed – it simply makes use of the alreadt installed Google Analytics tracking code, (just to be clear, you cannot use Leadfeeder if you do not have Google Analytics installed).

So how might such a system be useful to you? Well, it really depends on how you sell, who you sell to and how you obtain new leads. If you sell B2C, (Business to Consumer) i.e. directly to end-users, then this might not be too much use to you but if, on the other hand, you sell B2B, (Business to business) then you might want to take a closer look at what Leadfeeder has to offer.

The reason for this distinction, i.e. B2B rather than B2C is that this system, nor any other, is going to give you persoanl contact details of “private” visitors t your website. What Leadfeeder and the others do is give you details of the commercial network that the visitor is coming from. In other words, if they are visiting your website from their corporate network at their place of work, you will know that. Not every time admittedly, it isn’t 100% by a long chalk but often enough to make it useful, you will know:

  • Which organisation your website visitor works for
  • How many pages they visited on your site
  • Which specific pages they visited
  • How long they spent on the site

So, you will know that someone from “XYZ Corporation” or maybe a public body such as a hospital or local governement department, is interested in your product or service. The question is, what can you do about that? How can you turn this anonymous information into a proper lead?

In the case of Leadfeeder, the answer lies with our good friends LinkedIn. Take a look at this screenshot:

Leadfeeder B2B Marketing

On the left you can see the list of webite visitors. On the right you see the detailed view of the company we are interested in, “Brewin Dolphin”  who have 12 employees that are connected to me on LinkedIn. That’s a great starting point for developing a future business relationship with this company by reaching out to those contacts in various ways.

If you are not sure whether this kind of service would be of use to you then Leadfeeder offer a 30 day free trial to help you to decide. Paid plans start at $59/month and allows you to monitor up to 200 companies.


Where To Find It
Product Type
Website Analytics & Lead Generation
Paid, Various Options
Free Trial Available
Yes – 30 days

ConvertKit – Email Marketing For Bloggers

ConvertKit – Email Marketing For Bloggers

ConvertKit is an email marketing platform that has built its reputation as being the go-to email provider for professional bloggers.

One of the claims made by ConvertKit on their website is that their product has “The power of Infusionsoft, but easier to use than MailChimp.” That’s a bold claim because Infusionsoft is very powerful indeed and is the email automation “engine” that sits behind many high-powered and often complex email marketing campaigns.

So, is it true? How Powerful is ConvertKit

Well, the thing that makes Infusionsoft so powerful is its campaign builder. Drag and drop flowchart or workflow based schematic campaign building that can deal with almost any kind of email marketing automation rules. Does ConvertKit have that – no. However, it does have a rules-based automation system which is, in itself, powerful and effective. The main selling point is that their system gives you all the power of systems like Infusionsoft but is simpler to use.

ConvertKit Email Marketing

When this happens – do that. Rule based email automation.

ConvertKit isn’t just about email marketing and automation though. There are lots of other features that will make it attractive not only to bloggers, at whom it is primarily aimed, but also to  a wider spectrum of internet publishers. These include Form Building, a Landing Page Builder, a Book Marketing tool and a wide range of pre-built integrations.

Integrations are a vital part of a system like this and all the names you’d expect to see are there including e-commerce providers like Shopify and Woocommerce, lead capture services like Unbounce and Leadpages and membership system such as Member Mouse and Rainmaker. Other services can be integrated using zapier for which there is also support.

My personal take on this is that ConvertKit provides the facilities and resources that email marketers, and of course bloggers, need but in a more accessible and easy-to-use way than Infusionsoft and some of the higher-end packages like Marketo and Hubspot. It’s also significantly cheaper – at least for those with modest numbers of contacts on their list.

ConvertKit Pricing

The entry level plan starts at $29/month and gives you storage for up to 1000 contacts. You can send unlimited emails to your contacts on any of their plans – even the cheapest. The price does rise as the size of your mailing list increases but that is pretty much standard practice and even if you reach the dizzying heights of a 5K opted-in list you’ll only pay $79/month. Beyond that, however, the price is not published and, in reality, most email marketers need to have lists that are substantially bigger than 5K contacts so if you have, or intend to have, a really large list it would be best to get a quote first.

We haven’t carried out a full-feature ConvertKit review yet but plan to do so – see the review button on the right for updates on that.


Where To Find It
Product Type
Email automation platform
Paid, Various Options
Free Trial Available
Entry level plan $29/month for up to 1000 contacts.