Backlink Management

Is a Nofollow Link of any SEO Value? Here are a Few Facts

In this post Brian Dean, founder of Backlinko, breaks down EVERYTHING you need to know about NoFollow links. Dofollow links help your search engine rankings. Nofollow links don’t.This is a bit of a sweeping statement but many people believe it to be, broadly, true....

Searchmetrics – SEO Tools, Reporting and Analytics

Searchmetrics is a market leader in the provision of top-end SEO tools and resources for digital marketing research and reporting. Searchmetrics data is often used as a reference point or a benchmark for digital marketing research and reports and there is a high level...

Google’s Penguin Gets Real – Realtime That Is

Google have announced that their Penguin algorithm, which penalises websites that make use of low-quality, "spammy" links has now been incorporated into their realtime web crawling and ranking algorithm. This means that offending websites will not be caught...

XOVI – SEO Tools For The Discerning Marketer

XOVI is a bit of a find actually. They are a German Saas, (software as a service) company, based in Cologne, who produce one of the most grown-up, joined-up and powered-up suite of SEO tools I've yet seen that does not have a lairy price tag attached. XOVI provide...

Inspyder – SEO Tools

Canadian software company Inspyder sell their suite of SEO tools in bundles for a one-off payment - no monthly fees to worry about. For many, this will be the ideal solution as you can choose the modules you need to help you with your digital marketing strategy and...

SEOprofiler – Full-featured SEO Tools & Services

SEOprofiler is a suite of SEO and PPC optimisation tools designed for the smaller organisation and representing very good value for money, especially at the entry level price point. All the usual suspects are there, Keyword Rank Tracking, Site Audit, Website...

SEnukeTNG – Search Engine Optimisation Supertool

SEnukeTNG is the latest update to a long-standing Digital Marketing Toolkit that is kept in the secret top drawer of many an online marketer. Why keep it a secret? Well, some of the things that SEnukeTNG is very good at are frowned upon by Google and those who live...

Kerboo – Top End Link Management

Previously known as LinkRisk, which was a name that told you quite a lot about what the product did, Kerboo now gives you no clues whatsoever in the name so you will have to dig a little deeper if you want to find out. Let me save you some time, Kerboo is a suite of...

MOZ Pro – SEO & Rank Tracking Tools

Great rank tracking tools are just one of the features offered by MOZ Pro which is one of the most popular and powerful SEO suites out there. When searching for rank tracking tools you are certain to come across a number of "usual suspects", one of which will almost...

Ahrefs – SEO Backlink Checking Tool

  Ahrefs - Is This The Industry Standard For Backlink Management? Many people think it is. In fact, SEO people normally fall into one of two camps when it comes to backlink management services - Majestic or Ahrefs. I've used them both and they each have things...

Backlink Management – SEMrush Adds Another String To Its Bow

Everyone who knows me is aware of my declared love for SEMrush. It's the first tool I reach for when I need to research a market, check out a client's website and its competitors. It's also great at tracking keyword rankings. A valuable tool for any Digital Marketing...

Majestic Backlink Analysis & Management

Arguably, there are two major players in the Backlink Management space - Majestic and Ahrefs. You will find the Internet littered with fans of one or the other, sometimes both! To most people there seems to be very little to choose between the two but Majestic, with...

SEO Spyglass – Backlink Analysis

SEO Spyglass is a backlink analysis tool of considerable note - if you have read, or been told, that backlinks to your website are no longer important, think again. They are! SEO Spyglass is part of a suite of tools published by It is available in...

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